Fly Ash Brick Making Plant

We make FLY ASH BRICK MAKING MACHINE by using latest technology which is cost effective. We have designed our machine in such a way that ordinary or lay man can also operate our machine. In Fly ash Brick making process, three machines are used viz PAN MIXER, CONVEYOR SYSTEM, AND MAIN BRICK MAKING MACHINE

Brick Making Machine

Brick Making Machine is hydraulically operated, fully automatic system and controlled by programmable logic control (P.L.C).

Capacity 1200 to 1500 bricks per hour
Power 15HP
Hydraulic Pressure 30 Ton / 50 Ton
Brick Size 230 x 110 x 75 MM
Max Size 230 x 200 x 100 MM

Brick size can be changed by changing the mould. We give standard size mould i.e. 9"x4"x3" with our machine
Raw Material : Fly Ash 60% Sand 30% Lime 9% Gypsum 1% This ratio is suitable of Nagpur location. Raw material ratio can be changed according to quality and cost of Raw material at different places.

Pan Mixture

1. It is heavy duty constructed with 20 H.P. motor connected with heavy duty reduction gear box so that mixture can work smoothly.

2. Machine has two heavy rollers and mixing blade. The fitting of the roller bearing is so designed to remain close & compact by giving oil seal & oil seal cover.

3. Opening Gate - is so designed to get easy bottom unloading with spring handle door system so that it is easily opened and closed.

4. Mixture blades are easily changeable.


1. Dunlop Conveyer Belt of Conveyor is of 3 PLY Nylon coated with rubber and regulated by 3 H.P. motor with reduction gear box.

2. Conveyor belt attached Hopper is having capacity of two mix mixture load.

3. Mix can be regulated through Belt conveyor by manual operation of starter as per input material required for brick making machine.

4. Conveyor Rollers are fitted with good quality of bearing.

Hydraulic Trolly

It is hand operated hydraulic pump fitted trolly, this is designed to transfer brick with pallet from machine to drying zone.

Wooden Pallets

It is made up of wood and also from steel plate, uncured brick is arrange on the pallet so that it can transfer with the help of pallet trolly from machine to drying zone.