Project Profile

In this modern age there might not be a person who is not aware about bricks the basic material for construction which plays the vital role in construction activity and required in lump sum quantity.

To manufacture conventional bricks we require the soil of specific quality. Due to which earth erosion takes place. The conventional bricks have to be baked, for which coal is required which is precious natural resource. It is reducing day by day which affect the cost of bricks. Also the manufacturing of conventional bricks is laborious and requires baking which pollute the environment. Also the manufacturing depends on nature that is untimely rains, floods which put it into loss to the manufacturer of bricks. To manufacture conventional bricks is seasonal job which gives discontinuity in working ultimately affects the production quality and cost of bricks.

By looking towards demand consumption and increasing cost we have thought of substitute for conventional red bricks and come up with FLY ASH BRICKS. The main raw material is fly ash which is available in abundant quantity and free of cost at the thermal power station. Disposal of fly ash is headache for thermal power station authority. It is highly polluting material. By using fly ash in manufacturing ash bricks we are helping to reduce the pollution.

The process of manufacturing is fully automatic with Auto Fly Ash Brick Making Machine very simple.


In many areas where fly ash brick is available the government has made it compulsory to use only FLY ASH BRICKS in any construction of government undertaking such as Western Coal Field, Maharashtra State Electric Board, PWD, CPWD, Municipal Corporation. The fly ash bricks have several advantages over the conventional red bricks. FLY ash bricks are machine made having uniform size and shape which reduces the consumption of cement. It has more strength due to which less breakage occurs.

Site Selection:

The selection of the site should be within 50 km radius of the Thermal Power Station or from any other source of fly ash as the bulk raw material required is Fly Ash. In Maharashtra the district industries centre gives capital subsidy for Vidarbha (D zone area)@25% of the fixed capital invested. The site should be selected taking into consideration the above.

Properties of Fly Ash Bricks

Compressive strength achievable 75 to 150 kg/cm sq.
Water absorption 10 to 15%
Efflorence Moderate
Density 1.5 gm/cc